Campus Diagonal Besós, Sant Adrià del Besós

Campus Diagonal Besós, Sant Adrià del Besós


The project develops two of the campus buildings, devoted to research and containing classrooms, laboratories, and offices. Though the built volumes are different, their design is unified by organizing both floor plans according to an identical sequence of bays: a central bay for entrances and services, and two side bays of different widths, one smaller for offices and one larger for laboratories. In building C, the sequence is laid out perpendicular to the street, whereas in building I it is parallel, calling for another bay separated from the others by a courtyard. Access to each building is through a porch that protects the entrance. In the interior the buildings are staggered, generating terraces.

The homogeneous facade system designed also meets the requirements of insulation and structure: a structural facade of prefabricated concrete that also provides solar protection. The glass and aluminum facade is set back to generate an interstitial area, providing shade and ventilation. The use of mass-produced structural ribs allows a versatile internal division that will adapt to variations in programme. The interior courtyards are also addressed as structural facades, making it possible to descend one floor towards the basement.

Arquitectos Architects

Batlle i Roig Arquitectura

Enric Batlle, Joan Roig

Colaboradores Collaborators

Meritxell Moyà, Helena Salvadó, Rachel Belaustegui, Goretti Guillén, Oriol Vañó (arquitectos architects); Aumedes Dap /Citrotech S.L. —edificio I building I—, AT3 Oller, Peña SLP —edificio C building C— (arquitectura técnica quantity surveyors); Static (ingeniería estructura structural engineering); Master (ingeniería instalaciones mechanical engineering)

Promotor Developer

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya /

Contratista Contractor

Ferrovial Agroman / Copisa —edificio I?building I—; UTE ACSA-Obras e Infraestructuras S.A. + Dragados S.A. —edificio C?building C—

Superficie construida Floor area

11.850 m²

Fotos Photos

Antonio Navarro Wijmark