Suochengli Neighborhood Library, Yantai
Vector architects 

Suochengli Neighborhood Library, Yantai

Vector architects 

Inserted into a typical Chinese courtyard-block, the library is located at the northwest corner of the historical district of Yantai, a port city in northern China. The enclave appeared cluttered or messy, with structures added by residents over the years, but these superpositions were valuable, being precious traces of time. Bringing contemporary life into a traditional courtyard without eliminating memory hence became the focus of a project whose theme, ultimately, was dialogue between old and new, between past and present.

With this in mind, a systematic reorganization of the complex was carried out, restoring walls, doors, windows, beams, slabs, and other elements wherever necessary. At the same time, the project reinforced the cloister arrangement, reframing the courtyard into several smaller sections, including a multifunctional space at the center, with vegetation, that opens out to the adjacent alley, a neighborly gesture inviting the public to use the premises. The courtyard connects the different parts of the program – entrance, reading space, café, gallery, restrooms, spaces for open-air activities – and also provides shelter during bad weather.

Obra Work

Biblioteca vecinal de Suochengli Suochengli Neighborhood Library

Cliente Client

Yantai Chuangyuan Culture Communication

Arquitectos Architects

Vector Architects / Gong Dong (socio partner); Han Zhang (arquitecto responsable project architect); Yang Zhou (aparejador construction management); Dan Zhao (dirección de obra site architect); Zhoujie Chen, Dan Zhao, Jacopo Ruggeri, Simin Li, Yeqian Tan (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Zhigang Ma, Xiaolei Zhao, Gong Han (estructuras e instalaciones structures and MEP)

Superficie Built Area

150 m²

Fotos Photos

Su Shengliang