Ningbo Xiangshan Library
Vector architects 

Ningbo Xiangshan Library

Vector architects 

The building was carefully oriented in such a way that the entire complex would reconcile the two realities underlying the particular spatial character of the city of Ningbo, where the sea, ever imperturbable, faces the bustle of the community...[+]

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Ningbo Xiangshan Library, Ningbo (China)

Cliente Client
Ningbo Sanli Real Estate 

Vector Architects / Gong Dong

Manying Chen (arquitecto responsable project architect);  Chaoying Feng, Jianxi Lai, Han Zhang, Xiaokai Ma (dirección diseño design management); Tianzhi Huang, Yeqian Tan, Gong Chen, TAO Wei, Ming Jiang, Fanlin Gou, Zihao Zeng (equipo de diseño design team)

Arquitectos localesLocal institute of design
Can Zhong

Zhigang Ma, Xiaolei Zhao (estructura structure); Tianliang Wei, Chunhui He, Hongfei Liu (instalaciones MEP engineer); TORYO International Lighting Design (iluminación lighting); YIYU Design (paisajismo landscape); Dress & Sommer Engineering Consulting (fachada facade)