Xiaoqinghe Wetland Youth Development Campsite, Jinan
Vector architects 

Xiaoqinghe Wetland Youth Development Campsite, Jinan

Vector architects 

The building is embedded into the gently undulating ground of the wetland by means of a porous framework structure interwoven with the surrounding trees, creating a place closely bound to nature. Through the ‘embedding’ process the lower architectural space is concealed within the terrain, while the upper one located in the highest part of the site rests lightly on the surface of the slope. The scattered decks at the waterfront provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the outdoors, close to the semi-exterior space lower down, which is transparent and spacious.

There are multiple open courtyards that together bring natural light into the construction’s lower space, creating a rich atmosphere of constantly changing light and shadow over time. The wind blows and flows naturally around and through the building, so it can be felt by users both inside and out. The architecture hence acts as a ‘messenger’ delivering light and wind, and leaves a modest impression on the surrounding environment. It embraces and penetrates the landscape around, and ultimately establishes a meaningful space that fully belongs to the wetland. 

Obra Work

Cámping juvenil en un humedal Xiaoqinghe Wetland Youth Development Campsite

Cliente Client

Jinan Xicheng Investment Development Group

Arquitectos Architects

Vector Architects / Gong Dong (socio partner); Chen Liu (arquitecto responsable project architect); Yi-Chi Wang, Rae-Hsuan Hou, Mengyao Xu, Junchuan Cao, Jinhui Huang, Chunfang Sun, Yichen Lai (equipo team)

Superficie Area

933 m²