Basket Residences fos Students in Paris
OFIS Architects 
Basket Residences fos Students in Paris

Basket Residences fos Students in Paris

OFIS Architects 

On one hand, an improbable stacking of boxes; on the other, a triangulated facade. Both the front and the rear sides of this student residence containing 192 small apartments are defined by the almost impossible geometry of the lot it stands on, a band 11 meters wide and 200 meters long, flanked by Parc de la Villette and a new tram line.

The markedly linear arrangement of the complex has its advantages. The bay can be optimized and indoor traffic is efficiently taken care of through a back corridor that doubles as a gathering space and also connects the building’s circulation cores to all the living units. The apartment units – all of them floor-through – benefit from natural light and cross ventilation; two bioclimatic strategies that can be combined with other energy-efficient measures, such as a rigorous insulation 20 centimeters thick and a double-flow air conditioning system that takes advantage of all residual heat.

The polarity created by the double orientation of this eleven-story linear block is expressed in the geometry and the materials of each facade: the east side is like a fragmented and random combination of open wooden volumes, whereas the west side of the building, which faces La Villette park and the Eiffel Tower beyond, comes across as a permeable skin clad with metal mesh.

Obra Work

Residencia de estudiantes en el distrito 19 de París Student Residence in the 19th arrondissement, Paris.

Cliente Client

Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris.

Arquitectos Architects

Ofis Architects / Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik.

Colaboradores Collaborators

R. Janez, J. Martincic, A. Gregoric, J. Del Linz, L. Geiswiller, H. Kim, C. Shin, J. Kim, E. Durno, J. Carrera, G. Fimmano, J. Maes, L. Wei.

Consultores Consultants

Integrale 4 / Bruno Person (estructuras structures); Cabinet MTC / Cyril Ganvert (instalaciones y sostenibilidad MEP installations and sustainability).

Fotos Photos

Tomaz Gregoric.