Sora, Congress Center, Paris
First Prize

Sora, Congress Center, Paris

First Prize

The building rises from the ground as a continuation of the metropolitan park, creating an observation platform over the garden and the road. Inside it will house a conference center and two hotels that aim to connect people and revitalize the new district.

The high performance glass facade reveals the building’s timber structure. The use of natural materials in the interior creates calm and warm atmospheres, as in the main auditorium, where the undulating movement of wood embraces the audience...[+]

Arquitectos Architects
Kengo Kuma & Associates

Socio a cargo Partner in charge
Matthieu Wotling

Equipo de proyecto Project team
Nicolas Cazali, Hagai Ben Naim, Isabel Soto

Imágenes Images
Kengo Kuma & Associates 
Equipo de ‘Balcon sur Paris’ ‘Balcon sur Paris’ team

Inversores Investors
Compagnie de Phalsbourg, Codeurs et Compagnie (co-inversor co-investor); Emerige (co-inversor co-investor)

Proyecto arquitectónico Architectural project
X-TU, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Oxo Architectes, KOZ Architectes, Michael Green Architecture

Colaboradores Collaborators
James Corner Field Operations, Atelier Paul Arène (paisajismo landscape concept); Equilibrium (construcciones de madera wooden constructions); Sinteo (energía energy); VS-A Group (fachada facade engineering); Lamoureux Acoustics (acústica acoustics); Transitec (mobilidad mobility); CASSO & Associés, (accesibilidad y protección contra incendios accessibility, fire prevention); EDF (energía energy, smart grid); Schneider Electric (edificios inteligentes smart building, smart grid); CSTB (consultoría consultancy); Aveltys (garantía de cambios AMO AMO garantie de charges); Urbagri (agricultura urbana urban agriculture); LPO (campaña de sensibilización awareness campaign); Ville Ouverte (coordinación coordination); Transdev, Zenpark (aparcamiento parking); Ducks Scéno (escenografía scenography)