Réalimenter Masséna in Paris
First Prize

Réalimenter Masséna in Paris

First Prize

The former Masséna Station and the area surrounding it will form a complex governed by a circular economy and a sustainable food system. Residents and visitors can participate in all the cycles, from planting to producing and composting.

The ramps weave together the various programs that form the system. Researchers, chefs, agricultural experts, artists, and economists will form an international network of actors using the building as a place of synergy, exchange, and gathering...[+]

Réalimenter Masséna, Paris (France)

Cliente Client
Hertel Investissement

Arquitecto Architect
Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture

Arquitecto concursoCompetition stage
Lina Ghotmeh; DGT architects

Colaboradores Collaborators
Bollinger+Grohmann (ingeniería engineering); Elan (ingeniería medioambiental environmental engineering); LASA (acústica acoustics); Apex (estrategia incendios fire strategy); Alimentation Générale, La Ruche qui dit Oui, Polychrone, Sous Les Fraises, AgroParisTech, Galerie Magda Danyzs, NQ13 (gestión y animación management and animation); Engie (socios partners) 

Superficie Area