Bodø Town Hall, Bodø

Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde 

Located in the Arctic Circle, the project transforms and connects the two existing buildings, and dialogs with them through color and the pattern of the faceted facades of Jura Stone of the new volume, whose angles capture the changing northern light...

Obra Work
Ayuntamiento de Bodø Bodø Town Hall, Bodø (Norway)

Cliente Client
Municipality of Bodø

Arquitectos Architects
Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde

Arquitectos principales Lead Architects
Kristian Langkilde, Kasper Lorentzen

Ingeniería Engineering
Buro Happold, Hjellnes Consult, ÅF Engineering AS

Paisajismo Landscape
Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde

Contratista principal Main contractor
Gunvald Johansen as

Contratista técnico principal Main Technical contractor
Caverion as

Acústica Acoustics
Brekke & Strand arkustikk as

Artistas Artists
Per Kristian Nygård, Rune Johansen

Colaboradores Collaborators
Caverion as (evaluación y seguridad M&E and security), HS Hansen, Franken Schotter (fachada facade), Gunvald Johansen as, Lindner, Henriksen Snedkeri (carpintería joinery), Caverion as (electricidad y fontanería electrician and plumbing), H.S. Hansen, Deco (acristalamiento y muro cortina glazing and curtain wall), Gunvald Johansen as (pavimentos, puertas y cubierta flooring, doors and roofing), SML Lighting / Intra Lighting (sujeciones e iluminación fixtures and lighting)

Fotografía Photographs
Adam Mørk