The Whale Cultural Center, Andenes
First Prize

The Whale Cultural Center, Andenes

First Prize

The village of Andenes, 300 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, is on the Norwegian island of Andøya, in an area frequented by whales on their migratory journeys. Here the Danish studio Dorte Mandrup will be building a seaside viewpoint for watching whales, having won an international competition over firms like Snøhetta, BIG, and Reiulf Ramstad.

Blending into the scenery, the facility forms a smooth rocky hill. Under the passable curved stone roof, large windows give vistas of the surroundings from a column-free hall that accommodates exhibitions, offices, a cafeteria, and a store.

The Whale, as the center will be called, is to open in 2022, and in designing it Dorte Mandrup has worked with Marianne Levinsen Landskab, JAC Studio, Thornton Tomasetti, AT Plan & Arkitektur, Nils Øien, and Anders Kold.

Centro cultural The Whale
The Whale Cultural Center, Andenes (Norway)

Cliente Client
The Whale A/S

Arquitectos Architects
Dorte Mandrup

Consultores Consultants
Thornton Tomasetti (ingeniería engineering); Marianne Levinsen Landscape (paisajismo landscape)

Presupuesto Budget
33.500.000 €

Superficie Area
4.500 m²

Imágenes Images