Burkina Faso National Assembly, Ouagadougou
Diébédo Francis Kéré  Kéré Architecture 

After 31 years of dictatorial rule, the people of Burkina Faso rose up and ousted their former president following a violent revolt in 2014. In protest of the old regime, the former National Assembly was attacked and destroyed by the citizens.

Aside from addressing the core democratic values of transparency, openness, and equality, the new Parliament of Burkina Faso could also become a catalyst for growth and development for the capital city as a whole. The stepped pyramidal structure becomes a monument that citizens can climb and have an elevated view of Ouagadougou. The terraces feature vegetable gardens that will pioneer new methods of agriculture. Inside, the volume houses the 127-seat assembly hall and a garden inspired in local tradition that evokes the meetings with the elderly to discuss important issues under the shade of a large tree. The masterplan also foresees the transformation of the old parliamentary building into a monument to remember those who lost their lives during the conflict. Accompanied by a new tree-lined plaza, the ruins blend into a depression in the terrain, collecting rainwater and providing shaded areas for seating and gathering.

Arquitectos Architects

Kéré Architecture

Equipo de diseño Design Team

Blake Villwock (jefe de proyecto project architect), Adriana Arteaga, Diego Sologuren Martin, Andrea Maretto, Jaime Herraiz, Damien Greder

Superficie construida Built-up area

25,000 m²