From the Landscape to the House

Ten Domestic Experiences


As the dream of inhabiting, the house is introverted, but it also knows to open up to its surroundings and take stock of the landscape, drawing inspiration from local forms, techniques and constructions. Such is the case of the houses selected for the journey through Spain presented here. The House in Tebra, in the Miño Valley, seeks rapport with an old farm building, and likewise do the Porche House in La Garrotxa, in Gerona, the Lluis i N’Eulàlia House in Mallorca and the Alien House in San Juan, Alicante. In other cases the contextual links are more typological or topographic, such as those which the MP House establishes with its location along the Ebro Valley, or those that the Bitxo House traces through its outline on a plot facing two lakes in the Graugès countryside, in Barcelona. Finally there are those that let technology and materials take care of engaging with the landscape, albeit by way of contrast, such as the Machine House, a roulotte à habiter of sorts, or the three wooden houses in Aravaca, Pedrezuela and Bullas.

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