Weekend refuge

Ágora arquitectura 

The Barcelona firm Ágora – set up in 2014 by Joan Casals Pañella and José Luis Cisneros – built this hut on a small plot in a camping area of the Catalan Pyrenees, at the confluence of the rivers Durán and Segre and the road that connects Bellver de la Cerdanya to Isòvol. Facing south, the refuge is slightly raised over the ground by concrete blocks, forming a ventilation chamber. There are three distinct zones: the front, where the living room and kitchen are organized in one space that gives out onto the exterior through three sliding doors with double glazing and rollable blinds; the rear, with two bedrooms and a storeroom; and the middle, featuring a band of floor-through bathrooms.

The dry-mounted, transportable construction was ready in 30 days, using prefabricated elements. The outer layer presents a tubular structure composed of 1.5 x 1.5-meter modules that form two horizontal planes. The inner one is coated with OSB panels, which give the walls, ceilings, and floors a warm look. The middle layer, using a standard 100x50-cnetimeter module that breaks up into its multiples up the facade, shows a skin of expanded cork that insulates the building substantially. The roof is made wetproof by a rubber membrane.