Social Housing, Louviers
Édouard François 

Social Housing, Louviers

Édouard François 

Located amid the trees of a small park, in the Norman town of Louviers, 100 kilometers from Paris, the project aims to preserve the quiet and delicate character of the place, paying heed to the quality and comfort of the dwellings, as well as to the commitment with sustainable development. The program is divided into three buildings that, with a north-south orientation, contain six units each, all of them with triple orientation and natural ventilation. Between them, two atypical volumes contain the covered private galleries that, via footbridges, give access to the dwellings. With space for the lumber room, pantry, bicycle parking and even barbecue, these galleries keep the gardened areas clear.

The materials used, all recyclable, are traditional in the area – brick, wood and tile. The load-bearing facade is of exposed brick towards the interior, with a special treatment for the joints to prevent heat loss, and is waterproof towards the exterior. Separated some 20 centimeters from the wall and attached to it by metal anchorages, a second skin of chestnut wood strips protects from sun exposure, rain and wind. The project addresses the fourteen points established by the French HQE (High Environmental Quality)... [+]

Arquitecto Architect

Edouard François

Colaboradores Collaborators

Isabelle Gaspard, Randa Kamel, Caroline Stahl

Consultores Consultants

Cabinet Havard (economista economist); Société Forestière (paisajismo landscape); Plaine Normande (dirección de obra construction management); ICADE (delegado HQE HQE delegate); Cabinet Penicaud (asistente HQE HQE assistant); SCO (coordinación pilotaje foundation coordinater)

Contratista Contractor

VTP (demolición demolition); T2C (obra gruesa main works); ECB (estructura structure); Pimont (lamas wood strips); Ravalux (revoco render); Ranger (cubierta cover); SM Etanchéité (impermeabilización waterproofing); SNSO (carpintería carpentry); Houlmoise (cerrajería locksmith’s);GAMM (revestimiento de suelos floor cladding); GM Rivière (pintura paint); Lucas (fontanería plumbing); SME (electricidad electricity)

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