Tussen de Lakens Residential Building
Abbink X de Hass Architects 
Tussen de Lakens Residential Building

Tussen de Lakens Residential Building

Abbink X de Hass Architects 

This apartment building rises in the heart of Amsterdam and is part of a general redevelopment project that took off twenty years ago. Boxed in between alleys and hidden in the dense mass of historical constructions, the block addresses the unique surroundings through its facades looking in three different urban directions. In them the most prominent feature is their outer skin, a veil simultaneously concealing and showing a varied, complex interior. Formed by modular elements, this skin is built with aluminum trays perforated with a rigorous geometric pattern (the envelope is formed by 48,000 hexagons), thanks to a robotized arm cut by laser. The modules covering the windows are operable, so that, depending on climate or illumination requirements, the envelope can be opened to trap solar radiation (fundamental in Amsterdam’s dark center) or work like a lattice providing shade and protecting the privacy of the residents.

Obra Work

Edificio residencial Tussen de Lakens Tussen de Lakens residential building.

Situación Location

 Oudezijds Voorburgwal 146, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Cliente Client

Housing Cooperation de Key.

Fecha Date


Presupuesto Budget

120.000 euros (fachada facade).

Arquitectos Architects

Abbink X de Haas Architects, www.abbinkxco.nl

Diseño de fachada Facade design

Studio Chris Kabel, www.chriskabel.com; BAM.

Fabricación de la fachada Facade manufacturing 

Metadecor, www.metadecor.nl

Coordinación de proyecto Project coordination

Fool on the Hill.

Fotos Photos

Hans Peter Follmi.