Two New Ludgate

Two New Ludgate

Sauerbruch Hutton 

With its curvilinear shape and dynamic facade of multicolored louvers, the volume confidently engages with the urban fabric and the corporate headquarters of London’s City.

Obra Work

The New Ludgate, Londres (Reino Unido) London (UK).

Arquitectos Architects

Sauerbruch Hutton / Matthias Sauerbruch, Louisa Hutton, Juan Lucas Young.

Colaboradores Collaborators

A. Frensch (arquitecto de proyecto project architect); C. Töchterle-Knuth, A. Czigler, J. Luther, T. Vogel, T. Trindade. S. Heese, A. Betz, B. Magistretti, T. Reiche, J.Albeke, L. Lahiri.

Consultores Consultants

Gustafson Porter (paisaje landscaping); Waterman Structures (estructuras structures); Waterman Building Services (instalaciones building services); Speirs & Major (iluminación lighting).

Fotos Photos

Jan Bitter.