Südpark Housing, Basel
Herzog & de Meuron 
Südpark Housing, Basel

Südpark Housing, Basel

Herzog & de Meuron 

Located in the Gundeldingen Quarter of the Swiss city of Basel, the Südpark ensemble building reinterprets the neighborhood’s historical character, putting in a contemporary note through its skin. The new prefabrication techniques make it possible to erect this facade, which is designed with a commercially available synthetic stucco that gives it a matte silvery look. The seemingly random arrangement of unevenly sized windows on the facade is actually the result of applying a computer system that uses parametric programming codes developed by the architects and ETH Zurich. The twelve freely combined window shapes fuse into meandering, right-angled apertures and are designed to address the everyday activities of the senior citizens living inside, and give the Seniorenresidenz Südpark a more human scale. At selected points of the building the facade is extruded inward, creating sills that can be used as seats or rest spots.

Obra Work

Complejo residencial Südpark Housing and Business Development with Seniors Residence.

Localidad Location

Basel (Switzerland).

Superficie Area

12.000 m².

Arquitectos Architects

Herzog & de Meuron.

Fotos Photos

Herzog & de Meuron; Duccio Malagamba.