The pavilion’s construction materials are Chinese chopsticks and glue, with bespoke hand-held dispensers to enable consistent feeding of the material composite, and a printing guidance system for workers, with a depth camera and projector... [+]

Arquitectos Architects

DFL / Advanced Design Studies (ADS) / Department of Architecture / Graduate School of Engineering  

Universidad University

T_ADS-Advanced Design Studies, The University of Tokyo

Jefe del proyecto Project Leader

Director del proyecto?Project direction: Y. Obuchi, S. Sugita, T. Kiuchi, H. Yoshida, Department of Architecture / Graduate School of Engineering

Equipo de diseño Design Team

G. Arenza Judhinaputra, P. Virutamawongse, S. Aaron, E. Lalo, R. Shatarova, R. Sam, Ying Xu, D. Lopez, H. Habib Cherbel, A.K. Crusius, M. Mori.

Desarrollo de diseño Design Development

K. Clement, O. Saraya, B. Berwick.

Desarrollo de concepto Concept Development

Minjie Xu, F. Osman, Qiaomu Jin

Colaboradores Collaborators

Shimizu Corporation: K. Sakai, T. Sato, H. Ogura, H. Umeyama, K. Tanno, Z. Hironori, S. Igarashi, M. Indo, K. Takeuchi, Shimiz Kiba Wood Workshop.

Consultores Consultants

J. Sato, M. Araki, M. Miki, Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (estructura structure engineering), T. Igarashi, Y. Takami, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (Sistema de guía Guidance System), A. Rod, K. Nagata (diseño de dispensador dispenser design)

Documentación Exhibition documentation

T.Kiuchi, R. Wada, Y. Xiong, J. Vranovsky