Gruner + Jahr Headquarters in Hamburg

Gruner + Jahr Headquarters in Hamburg


Behind the large archway of access, visible from the city center, a landscaped courtyard welcomes staff and distributes the spaces in the building. The two first levels contain semi-public spaces, while the floor above is occupied by highly flexible private office space...[+]

Gruner+Jahr Headquarters, Hamburg (Germany)

Cliente Client
Gruner & Jahr, HIH Projektentwicklung GmbH

Arquitectos Architects
O’Donnell+Tuomey/Sheila O’Donnell, John Tuomey, Henrik Wolterstorff, Denise Murray, Darragh Collins, Cormac Friel, James Barry

Equipo Team
Spine Architects Hamburg

Imágenes Images
O’Donnell + Tuomey; Picture Plane