Kunstmuseum Basel Main Building Renovation
First Prize

Kunstmuseum Basel Main Building Renovation

First Prize

Reinforcing the connection between the museum and city, two new openings accessible via the arcaded sidewalk will be the primary change to the outer shell. The garden is to be doubled in size, while its interior courtyards and terrace will be updated with new vistas.

The introduction of notable updates follows the goal of softening a certain rigidity through new programs. These include a repositioned store and a café, both accessible from the street, and the creation of flexible art spaces connected to public zones...[+]

Kuntsmuseum Basel Main Building Renovation (Switzerland)

Cliente Client
Kunstmuseum Basel Main Building Renovation

Arquitectos Architects
Christ & Gantenbein, Johnston Mark Lee, Rapp Architekten

Equipo Team
Emanuel Christ, Christoph Gantenbein, Daniel Monheim, Anna Flückiger, Victoria Easton, Bernhard Geiger, Alexandre Lebet, Maximila Ott, Kilian Schellenberger, Andrea Cazzaniga, Carmen Franc, Noëlle Hutmacher, Calvin Liang, John Wang

Consultores Consultants
ZPF Ingenieure; Stokar + Partner; Transsolar; Studio Vulkan; Waldhauser + Hermann; Ehrsam Beurret Partner; Ehrsam Beurret Partner

Imágenes Visuals
Christ & Gantenbein, Philippo Bolognese

Fotografía Photographs
Stefano Graziani