Ramón Esteve Estudio, cottage in a vineyard in Fontanares (Valencia)

Ramón Esteve 

The Valencia practice of Ramón Esteve built this dwelling intended as a second home amid pine groves and vineyards outside Fontanares, a rural municipality in the Albaida Valley county. To blend into the landscape, the building with its pitched roof is single-level. An elongated object of white concrete is transversally penetrated by some structural boxes of pinewood that contain different rooms and frame views from inside. Encompassing a floor area of 415 square meters, the project is modularized by 20-centimeter planks that form the boxes, and the boards of the formwork for molding concrete. The furniture and frames follow this modular system. In addition, the cottage incorporates panels for trapping sunlight, a supply of biomass energy, and a mechanism for collecting rainwater. Ramón Esteve Estudio Mariela Apollonio