Brick Vault House, Godella
Space Popular 

Brick Vault House, Godella

Space Popular 

Located in Nueva Santa Bárbara (Valencia), the Brick Vault House was carried out in collaboration with the local architects Alberto Burgos and Javier Cortina. It is the result of combining two fundamental strategies: a spatial grid and a construction solution of ceramic vaults.

The spatial grid coincides with the matrix that defines the pillars and 10x10-centimeter steel girders painted green, which together form a system that is structural, volumetric, and visual at the same time, and shapes the interior spaces with a high degree of clarity.

For its part, the building system takes inspiration from the materials and methods commonly used in the Spanish east coast. Quite a central role is taken on by slabs executed with brick vaults floating on the steel structure, used as a scaffold, and with elements that interconnect thanks to their canted arrangement and to the use of plaster during the drying stage...[+][+]

Obra Work

Brick Vault House

Arquitectos Architects

Space Popular, Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg

Colaboradores Collaborators

Estudio Alberto Burgos & Javier Cortina Maruenda (arquitectos locales local architects); Teulat (mobiliario furniture)

Superficie construida Built-up area

235 m²

Fotos Photos

Mariela Apollonio