Seasonless House, Vinaroz
Casos de Casas 
Seasonless House, Vinaroz

Seasonless House, Vinaroz

Casos de Casas 

This house is located in Vinaroz, a tourist spot on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, in the province of Castellón. The architectural landscape here is fundamentally defined by two types of constructions: on one hand, high-rise apartment blocks, and on the other, the horizontal city of low buildings which has progressively colonized lands formerly used to grow vegetables and fruits. Countering this scheme, which is based exclusively on seasonal or vacational occupation, here is a model for a house meant to be lived in throughout the year. It sits on the terrain with ease and adopts a highly flexible scheme where views, climate, and different privacy requirements determine the domestic arrangement.

All this is provided in a compact and clearly Mediterranean house inspired, both in its geometry and in the construction materials used to raise it, in the agricultural sheds and the small workshops that dot the surrounding landscape.

Its shape is that of a plain container, of industrial nature, designed on modular premises and executed with criteria of standardization. Painted white in order to evoke its Mediterranean context, the structure is formed by footings and beams of steel as well as by light sheet-metal composite slabs, which have been left exposed. This casing is given a light envelope of 500 x 20 - millimeter cellular polycarbonate panels with a white or transparent finish, depending on where, and composing a double-layer facade whose ventilated chamber 6 centimeters thick serves bioclimate functions.

Obra Work

Seasonless House, Vinaroz, Castellón (Spain).

Superficie construida Floor area

362 m².

Presupuesto Budget

1.237 euros/m².

Fecha Date


Arquitectos Architects

Irene Castrillo y Mauro Gil-Fournier, Casos de casas,

Colaboradores Collaborators

María Eugenia Castrillo.

Arquitectos técnicos Quantity surveyors

José María Herás, César Villalonga / Cota Zero.

Consultor de estructuras Structures consultant

Francisco Foil / Fitconsult.

Fotos Photos

José Hevia.