Camp del Ferro sport center in Barcelona
Barceló Balanzó Arquitectes 

Barceló Balanzó Arquitectes, AIA Activitats Arquitectòniques, and Gustau Gili Galfetti worked as a team in this municipal sports complex of Barcelona’s La Sagrera neighborhood. Because of the area’s high degree of urban density, the site’s reduced dimensions, and the extensive functional program, including three sport courts, the complex was set partly underground. This helped to minimize the project’s visual impact and the part of it that is exposed. On the other hand it increased the construction’s thermal inertia. This, combined with other decisions, qualified the building for LEED Gold certification.

The brick facades present ceramic pieces in different formats and colors, including openwork and glazed surfaces, shielding the sport courts against solar radiation and glare. With a built area of 7,237 square meters, the compact construction is crowned with a roof formed by inverted vaults. The layout of the program puts the sport courts on top, and a central volume contains small-scale elements (changing rooms, storage, auxiliary facilities, etc.)