KAIT Plaza, Atsugi
Junya Ishigami 

In 2008, the Japanese practice headed by Junya Ishigami finished the workshops for KAIT (Kanagawa Institute of Technology) in Atsugi, in city in Kanagawa Prefecture. That same year, for the grounds beside the workshops building, the firm was commissioned to design a space that would serve the campus at large, where students could socialize and take a break.

Recently completed, the semi-outdoor 4,109-square-meter plaza invites people to sit on the floor. Intended also as a venue for events, the single-height volume embedded into the ground adapts to the topography and presents a gently undulating iron roof held by four walls, forming an unobstructed interior. Surrounded by tall educational buildings, the project seeks to give the premises a human scale through a built landscape where close to sixty openings in the ceiling create a dance of lights and shadows, and on rainy days, pillars of water.