Kokage-gumo, Kundan

Junya Ishigami + associates 

The pavilion casts shade on the garden of an old house built in 1927 by Mankichi Yamaguchi and Tacchu Naito – designer of the plans of Tokyo Tower. The timber structure is charred using the yakisugi technique, making holes that filter sunlight through the trees...[+][+]

Arquitectos Architects
junya.ishigami+associates ―Junya Ishigami (director principal); Masayuki Asami (jefe de proyecto project leader); Yusei Koizumi (encargado de proyecto project manager)

Consultores Consultants
Jun Sato Structural Engineers Co., Ltd., structural

Construcción Construction
Form Giving Corporation, Kobayashi Sekizai

Paisajismo Landscape
Inohana musouen

Patrocinadores Sponsors
TOHO LEO Corporation; Cartier; Nakagawa Chemical Inc.; Beijing Yihuida Architectural Concrete Engineering Co.,Ltd; XinY structural consultants; ChongQing Weitu Landscape Design Co.,Ltd; Union Corporation Japan; Shiseido Co., Ltd.; Taisei Corporation

Suministrador de materiales Material support
Kadowaki Co., Ltd; Yamadai Corporation/Kadowaki Co., Ltd; Yamadai Corporation; Daiko Electric Co.,Ltd; Sangetsu/ Sangetsu Corporation; Kobayashi Sekizai