Seaside Promenade, Constitución
Alejandro Aravena  ELEMENTAL 

Seaside Promenade, Constitución

Alejandro Aravena  ELEMENTAL 

Developed within the frame of the PRES (Sustainable Reconstruction Plan) of Constitución, the new waterfront offers a walkway that is born in the city and runs along the Pacific coast close to it. The project comprises a series of connected viewing platforms along the coast, going from the estuary of the River Maule up to Puerto de Maguellines, aiming to enhance the natural heritage. This coast is characterized by huge rocky outcrops that create an impressive landscape but also become important obstacles when walking through the area. The circuit provides an accessible plinth in five stretches, connected to a bicycle path of 4.5 kilometers that seeks to reactivate local tourism – an industry that was severely affected by the 2010 earthquake.

The lookout points frame the views with a basic geometry consisting of three timber sides and a safety parapet along the front that opens up to the landscape. A thin concrete strip marks the paths of access from the main road to the lookouts and, in certain cases, steps are added on the slopes. The project aims to promote the enjoyment of the natural context while minimizing the impact of the built structures on the landscape. 

Obra Work

Paseo costero de Constitución 

Constitución Seaside Promenade

Cliente Client

Consorcio PRES Constitución, Banco Santander

Arquitectos Architects


Empresas asociadas Associated firms

Tironi Asociados, Arup, Fundación Chile Marketek, Universidad de Talca

Consultores Consultants

Patricio Bertholet (ingeniería civil civil engineering)

Longitud Length

3,5 km

Fotos Photos

Felipe Díaz Contardo/fotoarq