Soulages Museum, Rodez (project stage)
RCR Arquitectes 

Soulages Museum, Rodez (project stage)

RCR Arquitectes 

The museum dedicated to the artist Pierre Soulages in?Rodez, his home town, is in the very central Foirail park: an almond-shape public space, a few meters from the old city and from the square of the Gothic cathedral, the most important building of the city. The privileged position of the park plays a leading role in the city, and the project manages to make the most of the deep slope of one of its edges.

In this way, an elongated piece, parallel to the boulevard delimiting the park, acts as backbone of the building:?inside it, a series of windowless volumes of different height create an interesting rhythm on the facades. The unevenness of the terrain on which the building sits permits, on the one hand, to minimize its visual impact in the park (by partially burying part of the volume) and on the other, to show a more monumental image from the city’s downtown. The position of the administration volume, separated on ground floor from the main piece but connected at thetop by a glazed footbridge, allows crossing the complex thanks to the outdoor stairs spanning the slope. The museum is clad in a skin of glass and Cor-ten steel, whose patina will set up a dialogue, as it weathers, with the surrounding green spaces.

Cliente Client

Communauté d’agglomération du Grand Rodez

Arquitectos Architects

RCR: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramón Vilalta; Passelac et Roques Architectes (arquitectos colaboradores collaborator architects)

Colaboradores Collaborators

G. Trégouët (jefe de concurso y jefe de proyecto competition and project leader); D. Delarue, J. Puigcorbé, L. Rotoli, K. Fujii, A. Barroso, A. Paulicelli, C. Zuczynski, S. Tarradas, A. Jacunskaite, A. Müller (concurso competition); A. Sáez, C. Medina (proyecto project); O. Nouska, Maquet3 (maquetas models)

Consultores Consultants

Coplan (estructuras structural engineering); Artec3 (instalaciones mechanical engineering); Pro-Arq (dirección de obra construction site supervision)