Access Pavilion to Fageda den Jordà, Olot
RCR Arquitectes 

Access Pavilion to Fageda den Jordà, Olot

RCR Arquitectes 

With laws of its own a garden stages fragments of nature in a delimited space. A plot of land between the old cart path that connected Olot with Santa Pau and the new traffic thoroughfare that covers the same distance now performs as the gate to the Fageda d’en Jordà – a beechtree forest located at a significant height (between 500 and 600 meters above sea level) due to the specific relief and the volcanic subsoil – in the middle of the La Garrotxa Volcanic Natural Park. A parking area, a forest as a breakout space, a meeting point and the volcanic garden: these are the elements that form this unique landscape, characterized by a series of volcanic slag terraces, of different color and size, which descend as lava over the Fageda. A labyrinth of lights and shadows. The lintel-roof protecting the pavilion floats over two elements that open and close to house services, a bar, a storage space and an information point. Only two materials, steel and wood – covered with oxide and with a dark patina, like masses of slag extended over a stone ground, almost basaltic – have been necessary to materialize the proposal.

Cliente Client

Generalitat de Catalunya. Departamento de Medio Ambiente. Parque Natural de la Zona Volcánica de la Garrotxa.

Arquitectos Architects

RCR: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramón Vilalta

Colaboradores Collaborators

M. Tàpies, A. Sáez

Consultores Consultants

Blázquez-Guanter (estructuras structural engineering)

Contratista Contractor

Xavier Boix

Fotos Photos

H. Suzuki