MU:M English Office Building
WISE Architecture 

MU:M English Office Building

WISE Architecture 

The enclosure is a curved and floating masonry on a concrete structure. The curved forms at the entrances and where the vertical and horizonal planes meet aim to merge the volume into the site, creating a transition between the open space and the project... [+]

Arquitecto Design Architect

WISE Architecture

Cliente Client


Equipo de diseño Design Team

Sungho Kim, Hyunbeom Cho, Soojeong Kim, Ilhyung Park

Documentos de construcción interior Interior Construction Documents

Enter Design

Arquitecto de Cooperación Cooperation Architect

NDL Architects and Planners

Diseño de paisaje Landscape Design

Garden in Forest

Ingeniero de iluminación Lighting Engineer

EON sld

Señalización Signage/Wayfinding


Ingeniero estructural Structural Engineer

Seoul Structural Engineering

Construcción Construction

Coaz Construction  

Ingeniero mecánico Mechanical Engineer

Minsung Engineering

Ingeniero electrónico Electronical Engineer

Woorim Electrical Engineering & Consulting

Fotos Photos

Kyung Roh, WISE Architecture