An undertaking of the foundation that sees to the care of Castilla y León region's natural heritage, the new Peñas Llanas viewing point replaces one which was already much deteriorated. Perched on a high rock overlooking a valley, within the recreational area of Hontanares in Riaza (Segovia), the project includes a path that winds through an oak forest and leads to the spot. The path is a structure of galvanized steel, raised on pillars in order to minimize its impact on the ground, give visitors a distinct experience, and address the needs of the mobility-impaired. The 'mirador' is designed as a bridge set five meters over a void and resting on two rocky points. The cantilevered part widens to form a viewing deck.

The materials were selected with the intention of highlighting the way they age -- naturally, with no superficial treatments. They are: galvanized steel, the color of which matches that of the lichens on the oak trees and rocks of the place, a constant in the landscape, through all four seasons; Alucobond composite panels -- formed by two aluminum-clad sheets and a filling of mineral aggregate -- which reflect the surroundings; and wood. Finally, the building system is designed to make all elements collapsible and reusable, without leaving a footprint on the landscape.