María Zambrano University Campus
Linazasoro & Sánchez Arquitectura 
María Zambrano University Campus

María Zambrano University Campus

Linazasoro & Sánchez Arquitectura 

Created to bring together a set of faculties heretofore found in different locations, Segovia’s new campus rises on the city’s old outskirts, in a place occupied in the 19th century by a military barracks. With an area of 15,000 square meters, the site was divided into two parts by a street that cut through it perpendicularly. This partition led to defining two areas within the campus: one for a library and communal zones, and the other for faculties, the vice-rectory and the auditorium. The first, recently carried out, is formed by a covered space in which classrooms are organized around the library. To make the central space, conceived like an agora, as diaphanous as possible, the reading zones are placed in towers suspended from a structure supported only by four pìllars. For its part, entrance control is situated in a pit, in this way allowing the library to function independently. The spatial continuity and breadth thus achieved contrast with the fragmented exterior of the building, which blends easily into the urban context.

Obra Work

Campus de la Universidad de Segovia University Campus in Segovia (Spain)

Superficie construida Floor area

18.400m² (edificio de la biblioteca y zonas comunes).

Presupuesto Budget

18.000.000 euros.

Fecha de concurso Date of competition


Fecha de construcción Date of Construction

2009-2013 (primera fase).

Cliente Client

UVA (Universidad de Valladolid) / Junta de Castilla y León University of Valladolid / Castile-León Regional Governement.

Arquitectos Architects

Ricardo Sánchez y José Ignacio Linazasoro.

Colaboradores Collaborators

Hugo S. de Erice, S.Artola y R. Rodríguez.

Aparejadores Quantity surveyors

José Luis Muñoz, Leandro J. Sacristán y L. Calvo.

Consultor de estructuras Structural consultant

EUTECA skp, Oficina Técnica OHL.

Consultor de instalaciones MEP consultant

Sinergia, Vega Ingeniería.

Contratista principal Main contractor


Estructura de hormigón Concrete structure

GMS Contratas y encofrados S.L.

Muro cortina Curtain wall

Emiliano Madrid e Hijos, S.A.,

Instalaciones eléctricas Electrical installations

Agosa Electricicidad,

Vidrio Glass

Cristalerías Bueno.

Instalaciones de climatización Climatization

Polar clima,

Ascensores Elevators


Vidrio RF RF Glass


Fotos Photos

Miguel de Guzmán