Reggio Explora School, Madrid (in construction)
Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation 

Office for Political Innovation is the name of the international architectural practice founded by Andrés Jaque – recently appointed Dean of Columbia GSAPP – in 2003. The studio, based in Madrid and New York, works at the intersection of design, research, and critical environmental practices. As an example of its work methodology, the project for this new school follows the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, based on the idea that architectural environments can prompt in children a desire for exploration and inquiry. The school becomes a universe of multiple layers that generates different atmospheres, situations, and regulations in accordance with the age of the students...[+]

Colegio Reggio Explora, Madrid (Spain)

Arquitectos Architects
Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

Equipo Team
Roberto González García, Luis González Cabrera, Alberto Heras, Ismael Medina Manzano, Jesús Meseguer Cortés, Paola Pardo-Castillo, Rajvi Anandpara, Juan David Barreto, Inês Barros, Ludovica Battista, Shubhankar Bhajekar, Elise Durand, Drishti Gandhi, Maria Karagianni, Bansi Mehta, Alessandro Peja, Meeerati Rana, Mishti Shah, Saumil Shanghavi

Ingeniería de estructuras Structural Engineering
Iago González Quelle, Víctor García Rabadán (Qube Ingeniería de Estructuras)

Ingeniería de serviciosServices Engineering
Juan Antonio Posadas (JG Ingenieros)

Arquitectos técnicos (proyecto) Quantity survey (project)
Javier González Nieto, Javier Mach Cestero (Dirtec Arquitectos Técnicos)

Arquitectos técnicos (construcción) Quantity survey (construction)
Ángel David Moreno Casero, Carlos Peñalver Álvarez, Almudena Antón Vélez

Dirección de obraProject construction management
Andrés Jaque, Roberto González García

Dirección de ejecución de obraWork construction management
Ángel David Moreno Casero, Carlos Peñalver Álvarez, Almudena Antón Vélez

Ecología Ecology
Álvaro Mingo, Jorge Basarrate (Mingo Basarrate)

Enrique Morillo; Imagen Subliminal / Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero; José Hevia