As part of the first TAC! Urban Architecture Festival, this temporary pavilion made of sackcloth rises inside a scaffolding on the Plaza del Humilladero in Granada. P+S estudio de arquitectura (Francisco Javier Parada and Laura R. Salvador) built an airy, 'immaterial' space held up by masts and looking unfinished. The spatial strategy is synthesized in the elementary operation of containing air, defining an indeterminate space, and is executed by means of three material tactics: a scaffolding system, expressing the industrial systematization and the modular scheme, which solves the matter of a loadbearing structure; a resistant wrapping of burlap fabric, a local symbol; and stones from the Sierra Elvira region, which connect the project to the square. Using these materials – which will be reused later – is a commitment to the circular economy, and to the trades and traditions of Granada.