The new urban space, pervaded by the spirit of the artistic community of Songzhuang, is articulated by a zigzagging linear wall that alternates brick and steel to conceal the parking lot, and that unfolds to house the different playground areas.

Micro Community Park in Songzhuang (China) 

Cliente Client
Beijing Songzhuang Investment Development Co., Ltd 

Arquitectos Architects

Equipo Team
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao (Socios a cargo Partners in charge); GAO Yang, Silvia Campi, CHEN Pengyu, Marijana Simic, Sean Yu, YU Hongyu, Elena Gamez Miguelez 

Constructora Contractor
Beijing Songzhuang Xinjing Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd 

Fotografía Photographs
YANG Chaoying, BAI Yu