The heterogeneous stage proposed rests with systematic discipline on an orthogonal matrix of 2x2 meters, to establish rules and a ‘do it yourself’ philosophy that creates endless options for altering and extending the original plan...  [+]

Meet & (Gr)eat, Lecce (Italy) 

Cliente Client
CNH Industrial Ltd, Municipality Of Lecce In collaboration with Lecce’s Chamber Of Architects 

Arquitectos Architects
Tomas Ghisellini Architects 

Equipo de diseño Design Team
Tomas Ghisellini, Alice Marzola, Lucrezia Alemanno, Daniele Francesco Petralia, Alberto Manzi 

Colaboradores Collaborators
BiEM – BioEdilizia Mediterranea (Dirección concurso Competition management); Daniele Francesco Petralia, BiEM – BioEdilizia Mediterranea, Lucrezia Alemanno (Coordinación ejecutiva Executive Coordination) 

Fotografía Photographs
Tomas Ghisellini