Activity Zone, Chorzów
SLAS architects 

Activity Zone, Chorzów

SLAS architects 

Playgrounds emerged during modernity, and constitute small oases that separate children from a city for which they are still not prepared. Robert Moses saw them as symbols of democracy; Aldo van Eyck, as spaces that are fundamental for social integration; and today they have become indispensable places of interaction for generations that are increasingly focussed on the new forms of digital entertainment. 

Located in an area formerly devoted to military activity in Chorzów, the colorful project by SLAS architects defines a strict rectangular perimeter of concrete invaded by polymorphic perforations that adapt to the vegetation of the nearby forest and contain different play areas.

Activity Zone, Chorzów (Poland) 

Cliente Client
University of Silesia in Katowice 

Arquitectos Architects
Aleksander Bednarski, Mariusz Komraus (SLAS architects) 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Krzysztof Ptak (Ingeniería Engineering); Maciej Patucha (Electricidad Electrical); Ewa Dyguda (Consultor paisajístico Greenery consultant) 

Fotografía Photographs
Michał Kopaniszyn