Jintai Village Reconstruction
Rural Urban Framework RUF 

Jintai Village Reconstruction

Rural Urban Framework RUF 

The earthquake that shook Wenchuan County on 12 May 2008 left over five million people homeless, and in many places it destroyed up to 80% of the buildings. One was Jintai, where the destruction wrought by seismic movements was exacerbated by the floods of July 2011. The local government and several NGOs set about reconstructing the village, and among the projects carried out is this group of 22 houses arranged around a community center.

The design draws inspiration from typological and constructional variants of traditional Chinese architecture, although it has also incorporated strategies based on the application of contemporary technologies. For example, the houses are built with walls of unfaced brick but are served by a sophisticated biogas network. Nevertheless, the complex’s most prominent features are the green roofs that crown a series of inner ventilation courtyards, and double as spontaneous domestic food gardens.

Obra Work

Reconstrucción de Jintai, provincia de Sichuan (China); Jintai Village reconstruction, Sichuan province (China).

Arquitectos Architects

RUF (Rural Urban Framework) / John Lin y Joshua Bolchover, en colaboración con in collaboration with The Univeristy of Hong Kong.

Colaboradores Collaborators

C. Kwang, L. Chang, Y. Zhang.

Consultores Consultants

Dorothy Tang (paisajismo landscaping).

Fotos Photos

Rural Urban Framework.