Events Center Ágora-Bogotá, Bogotá (in project)
First Prize

Events Center Ágora-Bogotá, Bogotá (in project)

First Prize

The new center, which will connect with the current fair, will create a new node in Bogotá. It aims to revitalize the nearby surroundings by creating attractive spaces and not being limited to specific uses.

A bold and formally restrained volume groups all the halls. The project carefully considers the openings to the exterior to generate useful transitions with the surrounding areas.

The spatial relation between the interior volumes of the auditoria, the exterior enclosure and the programmatic input converge to define the new interstitial spaces as leisure areas…[+]

Centro de eventos multiformato Ágora-Bogotá
Events Center Ágora-Bogotá

Herreros Arquitectos, Daniel Bermúdez 

Jefe de proyecto Project Leaders
Jens Richter, Ramón Bermúdez

Rafael Obregón, BOMA, Nicolás  Parra (estructura structure), Camilo Santamaría (urbanismo urban planning), Jorge Ramírez (eficiencia energética energy efficiency), Fisher & Dachs, Alejandro Luna, Akustiks (acústica acoustics), Norberto Chaves, Conventional Wisdom (programación programming), Joaquín Gallego (conceptualización e identidad concept and identity)