The district of Thamesmead is located east of London. The lack of an efficient public transportation system or the dislocation produced by several infrastructures turned this area into an example of the precarious state of the suburbs of large cities, and this is how it has often been depicted, the most famous example being Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

However, aside from the concrete blocks, in this district there are also lakes and canals which generate an attractive landscape. Specifically, these two buildings are surrounded by a canal that offers a peaceful and bucolic atmosphere. The articulation of the western block, with twelve apartments, and the eastern one, with six, is materialized through a small communications volume, configuring a south-facing communal courtyard. The mix of housing types favors the creation of a heterogeneous community.

Since this area is prone to flooding, the building rises slightly over the terrain, and a structure of concrete and brick cladding has been used on ground floor to protect from potential damages. On top the prevailing material is wood, which helps to blend the complex with its tree-filled environment.  

Cliente Client

Gallions Housing Association

Arquitectos Architects

Bell Phillips Architects

Consultores Consultants

Elliot Wood (estructura structure); Freeman Beesley / MLM Consulting (instalaciones services); Martin Associates (consultor de costes cost consultant)

Contratista Contractor

J Olliff & Son

Fotos Photos

Kilian O’Sullivan, Ben Luxmore