Can architecture be a mediator between cultural production groups and the public effort to make this production accessible to the general public? The project addresses that challenge.

The proposal adds three structures of stage equipment to the free spaces in Matadero-Madrid, as well as the necessary arrangement to permit their public rental for open performances…[+]

Equipamiento escénico. Matadero-Madrid 
Free Use Stage Equipment

Andrés Jaque Arquitectos

Jefe de ProyectoProject Leader
Jorge López Conde

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
Fernando Arocha, Ángela Bailén, Almudena Basabe, Álvaro Carrillo, Catalina Corredor, Marco Marcelletti, Khristian Serena, Dagmar Stéeova

Silvia Rodríguez (estudio sociológico sociological studies)