Molina de Segura (Murcia) is a formerly-rural county where vast stretches of land have been exploited to create suburbs. The result is a flattening of the land’s topographies and the destruction of its ramblas (territorial system of ravines) and local ecosystems. The Rambla Climate-House works as a climatic and ecological device within a series of civic initiatives developed to repair the damage caused by over-urbanization.

The house collects rainfall from its roofs and grey water from its showers and sinks, which is used to regenerate the climate regimen of a fragment of ravine that has survived. Humidity and conductivity sensors activate an automatized meteorology that reaches the requirements of the reparation process. The house is organized around this elliptical section of rambla, as an observatory in alliance to this reconstructed landscape, and organized as a ring of connected spaces of varying width. Following the reparation of the hydro-thermal conditions of the rambla, glimpses of its former more-than-human life have rapidly re-emerged after a one year period. Now, myrtles, mastic trees, fan palms, oleanders, and fire trees grow in the elliptical section. Insects, birds, and lagomorphs find shelter in it.

Obra Work
Rambla Climate-House

Arquitectos Architects
Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation + Miguel Mesa del Castillo

Equipo Team
Roberto González García, Nieves Calvo López, Joan Fernández Linares, Ana Fernández Martínez, Marina Fernández Ramos, David Gil Delgado, Marta Jarabo Devesa, Jesús Meseguer Cortés, Laura Mora Vitoria, Paola Pabón, Belverence Tameau

Consultores Consultants
Francisco de Asís Pérez Martínez (aparejador quantity surveyor); Qube Ingeniería/Iago González Quelle (ingeniería estructural structural engineering); María Martínez Mena (edafología edaphology consultant); Paz Parrondo Celdrán (ecología ecology consultant); Viveros Muzalé/Rubén Vives (plantaciones planting consultancy); Fulgencio Mª Coll Coll (topografía topographical survey); Forte Ingeniería (informe geotécnico geotechnical report); Ingeolab (control de calidad quality survey); Juan José Rojo Albadalejo (operador de drones drones operator)

Promotores Developers
Victoria Sánchez Muñoz, Antonio Mesa 
del Castillo Clavel

Superficie Area

Fotos Photos
José Hevia