Outdoor Stage and Cultural Hub, Cairo

Outdoor Stage and Cultural Hub, Cairo


In the pharaonic city that is going up to decongest chaotic Cairo, different performance spaces are arranged around a public square with the intention of creating a new cultural hub.

Wrapped in a skin of translucent onyx, the Grand Theater building is to rise beside a vast square that will continue behind in the form of an open-air stand facing a stage which already flaunts its monumentality...[+]

Espacio escénico y centro cultural
Outdoor Stage and Cultural Hub, Cairo (Egypt).

Capital Group Properties.

Arquitectos Architects
Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office / Juan Carlos Sancho, Sol Madridejos (arquitectos encargados lead architects); Luis Borunda, Víctor Alonso, Gerardo Martín (jefes de proyecto project managers); Ana Torrecilla, Enrique Sánchez, Gabriel Bonis, Irene Rodriguez, Natalia Romero, Peio Erroteta, Irene Iglesias (equipo team).

Consultores Consultants
Bernabeu Ingenieros (ingeniería estructural structural engineering); R. Úrculo Ingenieros y Consultores (instalaciones MEP services), Chemtrol (sistemas audiovisuales audiovisual systems); RMC Partners, Cosmos Engineers & Consultants (colaboradores locales local collaborators).

Dorra Group+Hassan Allam.

31.300 m².

Juan Carlos Sancho