The Tank: a Cultural Space, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Fernando Menis 

The Tank: a Cultural Space, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Fernando Menis 

The project reuses a water deposit of the old CEPSA refinery and transforms it into a cultural space that preserves the industrial spirit and heritage of the area. As the immediate environment develops, The Tank Cultural Center takes the stage and with its expressive strength becomes a strategic element in the city. The refurbishment project reuses and reprograms the structural features of the industrial site, transforming it into a large cultural venue and gallery for different types of exhibitions. A new discrete access is designed, emphasizing the importance of the main volume. Space and electricity are cleaned and adapted, as well the emergency lighting, placed on the columns. As the rest of the refinery is dismantled, the remains it generates are reused: the swing doors of access, the towers of light illuminating the exterior space, the barrels converted into impromptu skylights, and many other salvaged elements. We rescued another strange object, a former seaport finger that is de-contextualized to serve as a gateway for access from the street. The idea of recycling was taken to such an extreme that even the industrial workers of the company were hired to complete the work.

Obra Work

Espacio cultural El Tanque The Tank: a Cultural Space

Cliente Client

Cabildo Insular de Tenerife

Arquitectos Architects

Fernando Menis, Felipe Artengo, José María Rodríguez-Pastrana (proyecto project); Fernando Menis (cerramiento enclosure project)

Colaboradores Collaborators

Juan Bercedo (cerramiento enclosure project), Juan José Gallardo (estructura structure)

Presupuesto Budget

114.000 euros

Fotos Photos

Hizao Suzuki