The facade of the hotel is covered with a series of perforated pieces or polycarbonate resin caps (cobogós) that are fire and sun resistant, produced by injection of the material under pressure in steel molds, and fixed in folding frames... [+]

Arquitecto Design Architect

Studio Arthur Casas; Oppenheim Architecture (co-autor co-author)  

Diseño de interiores Interior Design

Studio Arthur Casas  

Autor Author

Arthur Casas  

Co-autores Co-Authors

Cristiane Trolesi, Nara Telles, Felipe Bueno, Adriana Yin, Nara Rosetto, Victoria Chaves, Renata Adoni, Raul Cano, Lucas Takaoka, Adriana Andugar  

Diseño de fachada Facade Design

Arthur Casas, Nara Telles

Construcción Construction

Sig Engenharia

Fotos Photos

Fernando Guerra