Four Social Dwellings, Garralda (Navarra)

Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco  Nazareth Gutiérrez Franco 

The project follows two essential objectives: the landscape integration in an environment as cared for as that of Garralda and the Aézcoa valley; and to achieve the highest housing quality.

After the analysis of the archetypal features of the traditional Basque-Navarre ‘caserío’ (farmhouse), the required program was divided into two volumes, with steeply pitched roofs, whose proportions allow a better adaptation to the volumetrics of the area. These two pieces are arranged in opposite directions to promote dialogue with the urban and rural landscape. The choice of materials is sensitive and respectful with the environment... [+]

Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda S.A. (NASUVINSA) 

Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco + Nazareth Gutiérrez Franco

Rodrigo Núñez Carrasco, Nazareth Gutiérrez Franco, Juan Carrascosa Guardia (equipo team)

Leandro Morillas (estructuras structures); Ángela Sisternes (consultora Passive House Passiv House consultant); Aiciondo Macías Ingenieros S.L. (instalaciones mechanical engineering); Asier Zarrazkin, Felipa Fernández (arquitecto técnico quantity surveyor)

Superficie construida Floor area
829 m²

1.432.634 €

Alberto Amores