House for an Artist, La Berzosa
Idearch Studio 

House for an Artist, La Berzosa

Idearch Studio 

“I want a studio to live in, not a house to work in,” said the owner, a painter returning to his native land after a long stay in North America. The result is a neutral, versatile space with echoes of the New York industrial architecture that welcomed him so many years ago. Seeking distance from its context, the house lifts itself off the ground by means of a platform that ignores the topography altogether, and the openings on the facade are hidden behind a double skin of large perforated metal sheets that has the effect of diluting the recognizable domestic scale, reinforcing the objectual abstraction that is so much a part of the artist’s pictorial oeuvre.

The inhabitant’s lifestyle is given form through a continuous interior, with no other fixed boundaries than partitions marking out the bedroom and studio. The latter in turn gives out onto a polycarbonate-enclosed veranda facing the holm oak forest.

Obra Work
Casa para un pintor

Arquitectos Architects
Idearch studio / Syra Abella Bule, Joaquín Mosquera Casares (socios partners), Lucía Alonso (equipo team)

Consultores Consultants
Alejandro Bernabéu (estructura structure), Ahelio Obras Civiles (constructora contractor)

Fotos Photos
Joaquín Mosquera