House in Shimogamo, Kyoto

Tomohiro Hata  Misato Takagi  

The house, inspired by the townscape of overlapping roofs that blend into the mountain landscape, is blurred in several stacked volumes, pursuing an architecture of ‘small roofs’ to create terraces and different experiences of space.

House in Shimogamo, Kioto (Japan)

Arquitectos Architects
Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates

Arquitecto principal Lead architect
Misato Takagi 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Takashi Manda, Taijiro Kato, Takashi Manda Structural Design (diseño de estructuras structure design); Sone Zoen Co.,Ltd.- Ayako Sone, Seiji Sogabe (arquitectos paisajistas landscape architects)

Constructora Contractor

Fotografía Photographs
Toshiyuki Yano