House for Trees, Ho Chi Minh City
Vo Trong Nghia Architects 

House for Trees, Ho Chi Minh City

Vo Trong Nghia Architects 

Like so many other cities in the Asian continent, Vietnamese ones are undergoing intensive urban development. After years of frenzied growth, these cities have gradually lost their original natural features, and are no longer exuberant tropical forests. Such is the case of Ho Chi Minh City, where only 0,25% of its area is covered with vegetation, and in addition to this there is traffic congestion and air pollution.

As a possible solution for this disconnection between the city and its natural ecosystem, the House for Trees project proposes a sustainable, low-cost, and high-density housing prototype, fragmented into five parallelepipeds arranged around a courtyard-garden, evoking the idea of a small village and recovering green spaces for citizens. Moreover, each one of the five roofs functions as a garden in itself thanks to a layer of earth substratum, from which tall tropical trees grow. The upper floor contains the private spaces, while the ground level extending through the courtyard links the communal spaces. In this way, these are connected to a large living area that blurs the frontier between indoors and outdoors. 

Cliente Client 

Privado Private

Arquitectos Architects 

VTN Architects / Vo Trong Nghia, Masaaki Iwamoto, Kosukwe Nishijima (socios partners); Nguyen Tat Dat (equipo team)

Contratista Contractor 

Wind and Water House JSC

Superficie construida Floor area 

226 m²

Presupuesto Budget 

135.000 euros

Fotos Photos 

Hiroyuki Oki