Wind and Water Café, Ho Chi Minh City
Vo Trong Nghia Architects 

Wind and Water Café, Ho Chi Minh City

Vo Trong Nghia Architects 

In an idyllic natural setting just a few kilometers from Hanoi,this multipurpose space is used to hold cultural events of the local community. The proposal starts out from two key objectives: using local materials and exploring the constructive qualities of bamboo, not only as a finishing material but as a estructural one. To this end , bamboos are treated not with chemicals but in a traditional way, soaking the canes in mud and smoking them out so that the material becomes insect-proof. Besides, the elements that from the structural bamboo frames undergo a heat treatment to achieve the ideal curvature. Internal and external finishes are also composed of natural and local materials.

The program is organized in two radial volumes showing different spatial and material conditions. On one hand, the exterior space is covered with a cantilevered bamboo structure, 12 meters wide, wich evokes a bird´s spreadout wings;and on the other;all the auxiliary facilities - kitchens, storage, restrooms-, are placed in a partiallyburied volume built with walls of stone exxtracted from a local quarry and covered with greenery.

Cliente Client 

Hong Hac Dai Lai JSC

Arquitectos Architects 

VTN Architects / Vo Trong Nghia (socio partner); Tran Ba Tiep, Nguyen Minh Tung (equipo team)

Contratista Contractor 

Hong Hac-Dai Lai JSC, VTN Architects

Superficie construida Floor area 

1.430 m²

Fotos Photos 

Hiroyuki Oki