Haus 6 in Berlin

Sauerbruch Hutton 

This loft building marks a further step in the revitalization of Werkhof L57, a small compound of former military facilities that has evolved into a lively creative quarter. Haus 6 occupies a plot that is surrounded by historic buildings made of brick and a recently completed structure in exposed concrete. Its strictly rectangular plan together with its height and roof profile respect the discipline of the 1890s Prussian structures. At the same time any rigidity in its volume is optically dissolved by the slightly undulating stainless steel cladding whose irregular reflection of the surroundings lends the facade a quasi-fluid character.

The floors, made of prefabricated concrete components, span the building’s full 12m width. This results in entirely column-free floor areas, with all service shafts positioned within the depth of the facade. Every unit is fully flexible, to be divided and fitted out according to the various occupants’ choices and needs. Each flat, enjoying outlooks to both north and south, is accessed along balconies on the south facade that in turn are reached from a central staircase. The access balconies also serve as semi-private outdoor spaces that greatly support the life of the community...[+]

Cliente Client
Private cohousing group

Arquitectos Architects
Sauerbruch Hutton

Dirección de proyectoProject manager
Vera Hartmann

Estructura Structure
ANES Bauausführungen

Superficie Floor area

Fotos Photos
Jan Bitter